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Certificate of verified Achievement issued by EAL

The WeldCraft-Pro® is a bespoke welder-diver training course that is available, to approved schools, under our ‘centre-lead/self-run’ teaching programme and comes with a certificate of verified achievement issued by EAL. EAL is part of SEMTA - Sector Skills Council for Science, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies and is UK’s leading awarding-body for engineering qualifications. This certification provides independent, quality assured, audited controls for the WeldCraft-Pro® training programme, thus, making it the only externally awarded underwater welding training programme to issue internationally recognised/verified qualifications anywhere in the world. More information about EAL and SEMTA can be found here. The programme is also recognised by IMarEST, The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology. The  training course is based on an 80 hour work programme, split over two phases (dry and wet). The course is open to both non-welders and welders alike and follows the guidlines for The European Welding Federation (EWF) syllabus 570-01 for fillet welder - plate (see course syllabus for full details).

If you are a training school wishing to adopt our accredited ‘self-run’ programme, please read on. If you are a diver interested to undertake training, you can download the course brochure and syllabus from the box on the right, otherwise you can read more on underwater wet welding here.

For general welder training we have many courses available for all levels of skill and offer a range of welder qualifications (coding), all in-house, with full Zurich Insurance approval.

The WeldCraft-Pro® uses a well proven, detailed documented methodology to teach, utilising our professional teaching materials, expertise and accreditation, but using your own approved instructor(s). This allows you to run a recognised verified welding programme, using approved teaching materials, delivered through your school and staff, which results in internationally recognised certification, issued under our Test Centre status.

Photograph of examples of student weldingPhoto of a diver with an underwater weld
Example of a student's workmanship before and after training

Any school that wishes to make an initial enquiry, please fill out the application form and return this to us and we will be pleased to provide a copy of the course briefing notes and fee structure. Obstacles to the delivery of the course are kept to a minimum, but an initial application is required to be completed. If acceptable, this is followed by a site audit to ensure the necessary facilities, equipment and staff are in place. This will also include a briefing of your key staff in the use and delivery of the materials and familiarisation of all QA documents and procedures involved. Please note instructor and office administrator training is required prior to any approval. (This initial visit is offered on a no-labour charge basis (excluding all travel costs). Following a successful site visit and instructor training, an invitation to proceed will be offered, or details provided of any areas which might need improving. A licence agreement will then be signed in order to proceed, followed by delivery of all teaching materials.

Underwater Welder Training - Individual Diver Enquiries

If you are interested in underwater welding read on. For our topside welding courses please follow general welder training link.

Learning to weld underwater has never been easier and ‘NO’ you don’t have to be a skilled welder to benefit from our training. Although underwater ‘wet-stick’ welding is manual metal arc (MMA) welding, we can teach you the skills more quickly and effectively, as the techniques used are far less involved than with conventional dry (MMA) welding.

Course Outline

A highly specialised training programme, designed for commercial divers serious about obtaining high quality MMA welding skills both above and below water. The course follows the guidelines as stated under the International Institute of Welding (IIW) and the European Welding Federation (EWF), with qualifications being awarded in accordance with BS EN ISO 15618-1 and/or AWS D3.6M-10 for fillet welds on plate.

The training is designed to equip commercial divers with all the skills necessary to produce high quality fillet welds. Students will also cover all the relevant theory associated with the MMA welding process. Each specific topic is covered by a lecture where the learning outcome is clearly identified. (These outcomes can be seen in the course syllabus).


An intensive two-week, closely supervised course, providing both theoretical and practical hands-on experience for both wet and dry welding. The course consists of a series of lectures together with written and practical assignments and ultimately culminates in an end of course (closed book) examination and fillet welder qualification test. The practical exercises concentrate on developing the skills necessary to produce high quality defect free fillet welds, and the theory is covered by a series of lectures, which includes the following topics;

  1. Safe underwater welding procedures
  2. MMA welding plant & equipment
  3. Underwater welding techniques
  4. Preparing to weld
  5. Electrodes & weld terminology
  6. Basic weldability & common weld defects
  7. Monitor & control welding operations
  8. Quality assurance & quality control
  9. Join c/steel plates using standard underwater welding techniques

Who Should Attend?

All qualified and/or experienced commercial divers/engineers working in the marine, shipping, construction and oil/gas industries with or without previous welding experience.

Photographs of students we have trained


Training is currently available at the following approved/licensed commercial diving schools:

Professional Diving Academy Logo Commercial Diving Academy logo Goteborg Fire & Rescue (Diving School) Services logo
The Professional Diving Academy - Scotland The Commercial Diving Academy - Jacksonville, Florida USA

Goteborg Commercial Diving School - Sweden

Marex Overseas Contractors logo DiveWise Tec logo UWEC logo
Marex Overseas Contractors - Athens, Greece DiveWise Tec - Antwerp, Belgium U.W.E.C. - Kajang, Malaysia
Norwegian Diving School logo ABJ Welding logo
Norsk Yrkesdykkerskole, Nesodden, Oslo ABJ Welding, Hermanus, South Africa


Client Specific

Customer specific/bespoke hyperbaric underwater welder training and certification services are also available at our training centre, here in Yorkshire.
Contact us for more details.